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What is Build A World?

Immerse yourself in beautiful worlds, with amazing graphics to inspire your creative (or destructive!) talents. Collaborate with your friends as a team, or play solo, to gather minerals, harness natural resources like solar energy and create. The possibilities are endless. A modern game in a modern world.

  • - The vision of the game is to be as close to real life as possible (with some short cuts and exceptions, like near future technologies). That means modern technology in stead of magic, modern tools and machines in stead of handicraft, implementation of the physical laws of the universe, graphics that emulate the real world as well as possible, as well as blocks, machines etc. that resembles items from the real world, so players instantly recognize them for what they are.
  • - We want this world to not only be fun to play in, but also look great. We want you to enjoy the scenaries for themselves, and maybe even take a break just to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • - We want it to be a social game, where you can join your friends' worlds through online servers and where you can share your constructions with other players through a huge Online Model Library.
  • - There was no game engine that could live up to these visions, so we have written our own, and we are testing the limits of software, CPU's and GPU's alike with our ambitions.

Crafting Components

These are items the player can collect to build and/or upgrade other items.

Dirt Block

These are creatures that the player will encounter while exploring the world.

Killer Whale
Tools & Weapons

The player is given several unique items that allow them to transform the environment around them.

Build Gun

Projects are functional and complex objects that the player can build.

Space Ship

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